Status: Complete

Genre: Horror Comedy

Starring: Jeff Young and Tara Hutchison

Writer/Director: Larry Alan

One mans quest for toilet paper becomes a nightmare.

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Steven Spielberg and Netflix

You may have already noticed that Steven Spielberg is flying the flag of war. His mark is the popular streaming service Netflix and it’s place at the Oscars. Spielberg believes that it should be barred from the award show as Netflix doesn’t follow the traditional theatrical release format. Because Netflix releases in both theaters and via it’s streaming service it should be considered television and thus should be a part of the Emmy Awards.

I’d like to start by saying that I love Spielberg’s work and respect him as a filmmaker. His latest films have been lacking but he has directed some of my favorite movies. It makes me sad to see a great master of the craft falling into this. Especially because he was part of the group that pulled cinema out of the gutter just as I believe Netflix and others like it are doing now.

I agree with half of what Spielberg is selling. I don’t think that Netflix or any streaming service (i.e. Amazon, Hulu, etc.) should be part of a tired tradition of elite businessmen and woman patting themselves on the back for selling shit to the public. I don’t think it should be apart of the Emmy’s either. Netflix and others like it are part of a new age of entertainment and thus should have their own award shows.

There is nothing more human than fighting change. It has happened throughout recorded history and if there is one thing history has taught us: no matter how hard we fight, change will inevitably win in the end. It’s no secret that viewership of the Oscars is falling every year which is just another sign of a failing system. Technology has like a plague wiped out the gatekeepers of entertainments past and the flood gates our wide open. They don’t want you to run through but we have and we will continue to do so. The palaces are sacked and the rulers are on the run.

Side note: while everyone is on the subject of barring things from the Oscars I have a suggestion to throw into the ring. They should bar remakes from the Oscars, they are unoriginal money grabs and thus should not be treated as anything but that.

Why I’m not excited about the new Child’s Play Reboot

“Child’s Play” has been a staple for many horror fans since the first film shocked theaters in 1988. The franchise as a whole may have suffered it’s fair share of criticism but overall it has done an amazing job of staying true to it’s original concept. Well, it looks like that concept is being shit on; oh sorry “re-imagined” I think that’s what the big wigs in Hollywood call it now a days.

Chucky was an amazing character and Brad Dourif’s performance as everyone’s favorite killer doll was legendary. I loved the idea of a “Good Guy Doll” possessed by a voodoo serial killer. It had depth and originality, he was a voodoo doll and that is interesting. Now from what I understand, he’s nothing more than a robot gone rouge which is an idea as old and stale as Dracula’s balls. As far as I can tell Brad Dourif is in no way connected to this film and that is a shame. That’s like trying to make “Nightmare on Elm Street” without Robert Englund… oh yeah Hollywood fucked that up too.

The “Child’s Play” reboot in my opinion is nothing more than another nostalgia money grab. An opinion that was made stronger when I saw the Orion Pictures logo at the end of the trailer. Don’t get it twisted, Orion Pictures was one of my all time favorite companies and that’s a hard emphasis on was. Orion is like a zombie, it may look like a loved one but it’s nothing more than a reanimated corpse. The zombie virus responsible for it’s reanimation being MGM Holdings.

The final nail in the coffin for me was when I heard the way “Child’s Play” creator Don Mancini was treated when he appeared on the Post Mortem Podcast. Here are a few excerpts from that interview: “The producers of that movie are the producers of ‘It.’ How would they feel if there was some legal loophole that allowed David Kirschner and I to swoop in and make our own ‘It’ movie with our own version of Pennywise and say, ‘Hey guys, we would love to put your names on it?’ I imagine they wouldn’t like it.” He went on to say: “The people who are making that movie, they don’t know how that’s going to affect my livelihood. It’s not just a paycheck. It’s very personal. MGM’s screwing with that…potentially.”

I think there is a disconnect in the film world where the majority of people don’t think about the creators as artists. I wish that would change, then maybe people would start to see why things like this are so fucked. Remember the outrage when Richard Prince blew up random peoples instagram photos and sold them at his gallery show? The people in the photos were enraged at the fact that he was profiting off of their selfies. It made headline news around the world. It’s a shame that people don’t feel that way about remakes that abandon the original creator.

In the end, you are free to think what ever you like. Maybe it’ll be good, but it won’t be “Child’s Play”. That along with all the aforementioned details is why I won’t be seeing the film. I’ll get my Chucky fix watching Don’s new “Child’s Play” series on Syfy.

The Watch List – January 2019

This week’s watch list consists of films by Ted Nicolaou, Danny Steinmann  and Philip Brophy.

1. Terror Vision (1986)

Title: Terror Vision (1986)

Writer/Director: Ted Nicolaou

Top Billed Cast: Diane FranklinMary WoronovGerrit Graham, Jon Gries and Bert Remsen

Synopsis: A family’s new satellite TV system starts receiving signals from another planet, and soon it becomes the passageway to an alien world.

Swinger parents, a doomsday prepping grandpa and giant alien from outer space. Terror Vision is an all around quirky film packed with memorable moments. The things I really liked about this movie was it’s amazing use of location and color. It really made Nicolaou’s over the top vision of the american family believable. It was like being in another dimension that was close enough to ours to recognize but different enough to grab your attention.

If you’d like to watch a young metal head Uncle Rico tame a trash alien from outer space, you can by Clicking Here

2. Body Melt (1993)

Title: Body Melt (1993)

Writer/Director: Philip Brophy

Top Billed Cast: Gerard KennedyAndrew DaddoIan Smith

Synopsis: Residents of peaceful Pebbles Court, Homesville, are being used unknowingly as test experiments for a new ‘Body Drug’ that causes rapid body decomposition (melting skin etc.) and painful death.

First phase is glandular, second phase hallucinogenic, third phase… Body Melt! This film was bizarre to say the least. It’s use of practical effects along with it’s wacky health drug premise made Body Melt fun to follow but hard to swallow. It introduced us to the world of Ozploitation and what a wonderful world it is.

If you’d like to see a man pound a bottle of laundry detergent and grow worms out of his neck, you can by CLICKING HERE

3. The Unseen (1980)

Title: The Unseen (1980)

Writer/Director:Danny Steinmann

Top Billed Cast: Stephen FurstBarbara BachSydney Lassick and
Lelia Goldoni

Synopsis: A trio of female reporters find themselves staying overnight in a house occupied by a hostile being lurking in the basement.

The Unseen is not a campy monster flick. It has drawn out scenes that feel irreverent at times, but beyond that it is a great thriller. It is a macabre tale of a failing town and one of it’s secrets. I truly found it shocking.

If you want to see Lelia Goldoni, Stephen Furst and Sydney Lassick deliver amazing performances you can by CLICKING HERE


Status: Complete

Director: Tara Hutchison

Executive Producer(s): Tara Hutchison and Larry Alan


Scarlett Xander is a performer in Phoenix, Arizona. Her blend of burlesque and traditional clowning has wowed audiences across the valley.

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HANDS – Behind The Scenes

Have you ever been so tired that the moment you hit the bed you are immediately comfortable? This is what happened to me, only in my vegetated state all I could focus on was my foot which was hanging over the edge of the bed. Childhood fears came rushing back to me as if something was inching ever closer to my foot. Finally, I pulled it onto the bed, tucked it into the blankets and thought what a great idea for a short. Fast forward a week and we were making “HANDS”.

“HANDS” had a budget of $22 which was spent on pizza. This meant everyone had to wear multiple hats. Tara Hutchison played “Crystal” she also did the makeup and styled the set. Jeff Young, who played one of the hands, also ran sound. Brandon Toigo played the other hand and helped me move lights around. As for me, I directed, ran the camera and picked up any slack needed behind the scenes. In all there were only 4 of us and that’s exactly how we like it.

I’ve heard a tight set is a tidy set but that wasn’t the case on this project. The vomit Tara concocted consisted of spaghetti and melted raspberry sorbet. The smell alone was disgusting and the fact that Tara was able to hold it in her mouth was insane. As you can see in the image above the rest of us were not as strong. The vomit Tara concocted consisted of spaghetti and melted raspberry sorbet. The smell alone was disgusting and the fact that Tara was able to hold it in her mouth was insane. As you can see in the image above the rest of us were not as strong.

In the end we all had a blast and I think it shows in the film. “HANDS” went on to be featured on several blogs (Links below) and we have received amazing feedback from viewers. Not bad work for an October weekend and that brings me to the point of points: If you want to make movies then get out and make them. Don’t let big budgets and fancy rigs put you in a mental space that tells you it’s impossible.

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Ubiquitous Horror


Genre: Horror Comedy

Status: Preproduction

Writer/Director: Larry Alan

Starring: Mat Spencer, Sydney Irwin, Brielle Bishop, Tara Hutchison and Jeff Young

Brad and Sheila are enjoying a movie night, well at least Brad is… for now.

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Status: Complete

Director: Tara Hutchison

Executive Producer(s): Tara Hutchison and Larry Alan

Starring: Vera Saucy

Vera Saucy is the focus in the first episode of the ANTIMITY documentary series “Nonfiction” and gives you an inside look at one of Phoenix’s most infamous Drag Queens.

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Status: Complete

Writer/Director: Larry Alan

Executive Producer(s): Tara Hutchison and Jeff Young

Starring: Carolina Kenney, Tammy Shiann and Alexander Bain

Sisters Marybeth and Suellen’s day of fun comes to an end when their overbearing mother forces them to tend to their baby brother. When baby doesn’t play nice all hell breaks loose.

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Genre: Horror Comedy

Status: Complete

Writer/Director: Larry Alan

Starring: Tara Hutchison, Jeff Young and Brandon Toigo

Tonight is just typical drunken Friday for Crystal but she doesn’t realize is that tonight she’s not alone.

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Ubiquitous Horror