“The Halloween Special”

In an effort to spice up their relationship Adam and Priscilla Wesley have turned to a mysterious man by the name of Mr. Handley. His service is a strange one that caters to an elite crowd of homicidal maniacs. What awaits the Wesley’s when they purchase Mr. Handley’s Halloween Special and who will be alive to tell the tale?

Adam Wesley – Rueben Rodriguez
Priscilla Wesley – Kelly Rodriguez
Mr. Handley – Jeff Young
Sylvia – Tara Hutchison
Amy – Riah Priscilla

Production Design – Tara Hutchison
Makeup – Tyra Phillips
Sound – Christian Grant
Costumes – Amanda Tucker
Cinematography – Manny Douglas
Written and Directed by Larry Alan

The ANTIMITY Tapes | Season 1

Ep. 1 “Hands”
Ep. 2 “Bad Baby”
Ep. 3 “Popcorn”
Ep. 4 “Cereal”
Ep. 5 “Violet”
Ep. 6 “Itch”
Ep. 7 “Two Girls and
Ep. 8 “Mary’s Sick”
Ep. 9 “I Can’t Sleep”
Ep. 10 “Icky Boy”
Ep. 11 “Snap”
Ep. 12 “Toothless”
Ep. 13 “Vinyl”
Ep. 14 “He’s Here”
Ep. 15 “Skeptics”
Ep. 16 “Dead Letter”
Ep. 17 “The Hole”
Ep. 18 “Pip and Molly”